The birth of Legends

In the deepest, darkest Jungles of Colombia, in search of new experiences – two intrepid Scottish booze-hounds discovered a myriad of delicious rums, akin to fine Scotch Whisky in flavour and complexity.

Meanwhile, back in their homeland, a whisper of the Dark God emerged. Finally, he had awoken.

It was to these two legends that the Dark God commanded, loud and hard.

“DO BETTER! Make me a drink that will transform mere mortals and let them become the Gods and Goddesses they were meant to be”.

With ringing ears and swollen heads, Legendary Distillers was born. Returning home, they created a Rum the likes of which you’ve never tasted before. A rum that will punch you right in the taste-ticles and have you praying for more.

So begins the new age of the Dark God. It’s time to put something heavenly in your glass!

Speak to the Dark God and your prayers will be answered.