The Gods’ elixir

Dark God Premium Spiced is a rounded, dark and decadent rum with elements of fire, smoke and spice. The Dark God demanded more from us than a typical rum; you will find no hint of vanilla, cloves and syrupy sweetness and definitely no pirates, bats or sea monsters hanging around here.

Over Ice or any way you damn well feel like.

There are many ways to enjoy the Dark God Rum, here are few of our favourites:


For a full on flavour face punch Dark God needs nothing more than some ice

If you prefer a little heat between your cheeks try a Dark God and Stormy

Or for a gentle tickle in the taste-icles try a Dark God & Coke

For something less face punchy and a bit more cheek slappy try an Old Fashioned Dark God

Dark God cocktail creations

Chili Cuban 

Shake 70ml Dark God
1 Bar spoon Passionfruit pulp
and 150 ml Mango juice (use spring water for extra foam)

Pour 100ml Ginger Ale over crushed ice
Build with your strained Mix
Add a couple of slices of Green / Red Chili

Fiery wreath of coriander – optional

Glasgow Daiquiri

70ml Dark God
Juice of half a lime
Dash simple syrup

Stirred with Irn Bru 1901
Poured over crushed ice
Topped with Irn Bru fizzy bottles
and a sprig of mint.



Zombie Cowgirl

35ml Dark God Spiced
35ml Pineapple grenade, overproof rum
17.5ml Havana 7yr
17.5ml Havana 3yr
150ml pineapple juice
Juice of half a lime
Glug o’ grenadine
Shaken and served over crushed ice

Dreich & drizzly

50ml Dark God Spiced
25ml Green ginger wine
20ml Cacao & Ginger 2:1 Demerara syrup
Top up with Ginga Ninja (rapscallion soda)
2 dashes of betters bitters foamer
Half a lime of juice
4 dashes of angostura house cocoa bitters

Tonka Tiki Tonga

50ml Dark God Spiced 
30ml Espresso shot
30ml Ginger Juice
20ml Ginger, Cacao & Tonka bean syrup
3 Dashes of Cocoa bitters 

Speak to the Dark God and your prayers will be answered.